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Hello 2014

Posted by walterquarterhorses on March 15, 2014 at 12:40 AM Comments comments ()

First off I must mention my goal for this year is to keep this website updated! As usual we have been busy riding this winter. Oscar been putting a lot of time in the saddle as well as Rana and I.

Oscar is getting the young ones started and we've had a helper, Keenan Reinhardt, so that has been nice. My dad isn't as young as he once was ;) The kids love Keenan!

I have been working all the futurity horses. It's fun to see the progression of them all. I entered the Washington futurities that are coming up. I have Real Easy Olivia entered in the derby and Ofastus Buy aka Hammer in the futurity. I am quite excited about them!  The rest of the crew will debut at the South Country Futurity. 

Rana has been hitting up the jackpot trail. She has also been responsible for coaching my little jockey Kassie. Kassie loves riding with her auntie!  Rana has been keeping all the Walter Quarter Horse bookwork updated. She also has the daunting task of our horse records. Her little boy, Klyne, keeps her on her toes. He's a busy boy who loves tractors and likes to keep the arena worked with grandpa. 

Mary Lynn has been keeping the barn/lunch room organized and all the horses brushed. If it weren't for my mom I wouldn't be able to get as many horses rode. She's the best grandma!

Nathan is keeping up the farm end of things hauling wheat and what not. He was just in St. Louis on a Monsanto tour. Very nice city. He got to watch a Blues game too. 

Logan is working hard at Pioneer. He is turning the Big 30 this month so a party is in store! 

Well until next time happy trails ;)

Rusty Rusty

Posted by walterquarterhorses on August 26, 2011 at 4:35 PM Comments comments ()

I can't believe how I've neglected our poor website!  Lots of things have been happening.  Its been a busy year to date.  Nathan has hardly had a moment to sit down.  He did all of our spraying for the first time this year followed by seeding and then haying.  We didn't have to irrigate for the first cut (Monsoon June) but did for the second.  Harvest is right around the corner so its fixing to get even busier.  Mary Lynn is going to Europe for a month so it will be up to Rana and I to feed the crew. :)

The rodeo season didn't start the way Rana had hoped.  Doc was injured and is out for awhile.  Mine on the other hand was going well.  I won Falkland and had placed at the others but my horse started to perform off.  It turned out to be an abscess.  It broke out the hairline and I decided to just turn out what I had been entered in and let him heal up.  It was a pretty nasty one and it hurt him to turn to the right.  He's all good to go now and I have started to get him back into running shape. 

The futurities that we've been to so far have went pretty good.  Both Kids Country Rock (Freddie) and Generally Streakin (Lisa) have been $$ earners.  Lisa ended up 11th in the average at the VGBRA Futurity in Walla Walla, Washington.  Its a great futurity with top trainers from all over that compete there.  Its a nice little notch in Lisa's belt to have done as well as she did.  Freddie and Lisa both made the short go at the South Country Futurity.  Lisa ended up 4th in the average.  The following weekend was Brooks Futurity and unfortunatly I tipped on Lisa to win the short go and second in the average.  Tough luck but it was still a good performance.  Brandon is coming up next.

Kassie is still the CEO of everyone.  She is growing like a weed.  She got a new pony named Socks.  We are however having a little confidence issue from a scare on a big horse.  I am hoping Socks can help her to get that confidence back.  He's a great little guy. 

One more quick note.  Frontier Western Shop and I paired up to design an awesome barrel saddle, the Raylee Racer.  If you want to try it out or have questions about it give me a shout!  I am really proud of it.

Until next time take care,


good to have her home

Posted by walterquarterhorses on August 14, 2010 at 7:40 PM Comments comments ()

Rana, Doc and Hitch made home safe and sound. Thank goodness.  The ferry that takes you across the river to LaCrete forgot to anchor to the dock and when Rana was driving off it started to pull away.  The trailer dropped off and on to land, amen!  No damage that she could see of.

Dawson Creek was terrible and Rana opted not to run Doc there.  If something were to happen to him she wouldn't forgive herself.  She has a spot at the CFR and didn't need to run.  The slack was to get underway at 1 and did not start until 6.  Wacey Hollingworth was fantastic and let Rana run her futurity horse instead.  He did awesome for her and they were placing with a 19 second run.  Thanks Wace!! :D  I'm pulling for Wacey she only needs $30 and she can fill her permit and buy her card.  Common Santa, that's her trusty steed, make it a merry Christmas for her. 

Thank you to the Hollingworth's and their hospitality.  Rana had a nice time up there.

After Dawson Creek Rana hooked it for home.  Morgan Grant Jr rode home with her.  He was great company.  He was winning 2nd in the steer wrestling! 

Nathan, Kassie and I took a quick little trip down to Whitefish.  This was the best time before we have to start haying again and of course harvest.  Kassie went for a pull behind the boat on a tube with her daddy.  She loved it!  She really loved her beach time though.  We're home and ready to get back to the grind.


La Crete Results

Posted by walterquarterhorses on August 11, 2010 at 1:23 AM Comments comments ()

More results...

Rana ended up winning Grimshaw and I just got a call with the final results from LaCrete.  She finished 4th and this will unofficially move her into 4th spot in the Canadian standings with over $19,000 won.  Cathy Grant was the champion which is totally awesome.  I had to call and tell her :) too.

Rana had planned on heading out tonight after she had ran but instead decided to stay over.  It was late and she would have a 5hr drive ahead of her to get where she was going.  That would make for an even later night/moring.  She's been in LaCrete for a few days now and has been royally treated by the rodeo committee.  They built her pens for around her trailer, the local mill provided her with bags and bags of shavings for free and she has enjoyed the little stores and people in the town.  One more northern rodeo and she can head home!

I went to a jackpot tonight in Raymond.  Fizz did good winning 2nd in the open.  Diesel also was in the 1D with room to improve.  I time only'd my 3 year old, Fast Eddie aka Fast Edwards, for the first time also.  He did fabulous. 

Have a good week,


More results from the north!

Posted by walterquarterhorses on August 7, 2010 at 8:53 PM Comments comments ()

A quick update on Rana and Doc.  They ended up winning High Prairie and are currently winning Grimshaw.  Yahoo!  She has now moved up the standings into 5th spot.  I'll go ahead and post the top 12 upto and including High Prairie. 


1 Lisa Lockhart, Oelrichs, SD (15) $28,188 2 Lindsay Sears, Nanton, AB (14) $22,200 3 Britany Fleck, Mandan, ND (15) $21,279 4 Brittany Pozzi, Victoria, TX (4) $19,290 5 Rana Koopmans, Lethbridge, AB (26) $17,646 6 Sierra Stoney, DeWinton, AB (8) $15,262 7 Debbie Renger, Okotoks, AB (23) $14,946 8 Crystal Shaw, Daysland, AB (28) $14,376 9 Lauren Chad, Okotoks, AB (23) $13,892 10 Benette Barrington, Lubbock, TX (15) $12,900 11 Sherrylynn Johnson, Henryetta, OK (8) $12,577 12 Ramona Nash, Drayton Valley, AB (27) $12,485

I have been riding at home.  I went to the open rodeo in Cardston this past Thursday with 3 head.  Fizz sizzled and we won 2nd overall.  Not bad for a futurity horse against some nice rodeo horses.  Henson won the 2D and Diesel made a decent run.  He actually had a good time considering the extra little moves he made. 

I have got to get a video of Fast Edwards.  He is my 3 year old that I will hopefully futurity next year.  I am tickled with his ability and how he is looking.  Actually I guess I'd have to say I'm kinda proud of him :roll:

Unitl next time..


High Prairie

Posted by walterquarterhorses on August 3, 2010 at 9:52 PM Comments comments ()

Yeah an update from High Prairie!!  Rana and Doc are winning the rodeo :)

Weekend Results

Posted by walterquarterhorses on August 2, 2010 at 8:05 PM Comments comments ()

Rana had an awesome weekend...or do you call it a week?  It seems most rodeos are beginning midweek these days.  She won 5th at Medicine Hat, placed 5th at Abbotsford, won Bruce and topped the weekend off with a 4th place at Strathmore.  Both Medicine Hat and Strathmore were tour rodeo's so that will help towards making the tour finals.  This past week will have also helped Rana move up the Canadian standings.  Things had started off so well for her and then she hit a bit of a lull.  The month of July has really picked back up and I am so happy for her.

Tosha Seitz, Joleen's daughter, has been using Micky since last fall.  She just won two rodeo's this weekend on him.  She needed to do well to help make the BCRA finals.  They had missed some bigger ones earlier and this is the boost she wanted!  Her mom says she is turning into a "barrel racer".  Apperently the ground at a barrel race a week or so ago wasn't up to snuff for Tosh and she went and turned herself out.  :lol: She told Joleen it just wasn't worth it.  So cute!  Keep up the good work guys.

Rana is staying at the Hollingworth Ranch in Valleyview until her next rodeo.  Her north run starts Tuesday.  As for us around here, we've just been holding down the fort.  Right now the nicest rain is falling complete with sound effects and lightning.  Its spectacular.

Take Care,


On the Road Again...

Posted by walterquarterhorses on August 1, 2010 at 1:20 AM Comments comments ()

Well I am thrilled to say Fizz did fabulous for her first outing.  She handled Medicine Hat like an old pro considering we went cold turkey.  We were a bit cautious but she ran right in the majority for times.  Rana ended up winning 5th and a nice cheque.  Strathmore wasn't nearly as smooth for Fizz and I.  Again we weren't able to get into the arena to work barrels inspite of being there plenty early enough.  The chuckwagons were practicing until 8am and the slack started at 9am.  She was a bit free and didn't handle her turns as nice as usual.  (I worked on our brakes today at home and things are feeling great again)  Rana and Doc are having a good weekend.  They are placing 3rd at Strathmore and she just ran tonight in Abbotsford and is sitting 4th.  She's head back over the mountains for Bruce tomorrow at 1pm.  Go Rana Go!  Also good luck to my favorite barrel racing sisters, Kipty and Kelby.  I love to hear updates on their weekends.

My Aunt Trish is down for a few days and we are enjoying spending time with her.  She has her horses with her and we've done some coulee riding.  The horses sure do love standing belly deep in the creek!  Diesel is a gentleman but Fizz will soak you!!

Kassie is as busy as ever.  We went to Farmers Market this morning and got our fresh vegetables for the week.  I love going there.  After market we stopped and got a sandbox for Kassie and set it at the barn.  She loves it.  I was able to ride while she played. 

Nathan has been irrigating the hay which has kept him busy for the past few days.  We flood irrigate and he has to change pipes several times a day.  Logan gave him a hand today and they did a little fishing down at the river afterwards.  Great spots to fly fish.  Nate is hooked :D.  He is just getting into it and loves it!  Logan's the pro though.

Good times were had by all today. 

When you have a choice, choose happy! (think you're suppose to leave something inspirational after a blog entry so there you have it)


Medicine Hat here we come!

Posted by walterquarterhorses on July 29, 2010 at 12:53 AM Comments comments ()

We are off the Medicine Hat tomorrow morning at 5am sharp!  We added Tim Horton's stopping allowance so that we are at the grounds in enough time to perhaps get my horse into the arena.  I am cracking Fizz out, aka Ms Kid Dee Dial.  She thinks she's up for the challenge and it will be an opportunity to get a few runs on her before she hits the fall futurity trail.  I am up in the slack and Rana is in the performance.  Wish us luck!



Posted by walterquarterhorses on July 23, 2010 at 1:15 AM Comments comments ()

Congratulations goes out to Cotton and Tara Wilkinson.  They placed high in the first round of the pole bending at the National High School Finals Rodeo.  Good luck in round 2.  Cotton is a daughter of the late Kiddin N Streakin.  She was trained by Canadian barrel racing Icon Isabella Miller Haraga and later campaigned by granddaghter Skyler. 

Pole Bending

1. Randi  Robert, Gonzales, La., 19.591

2. Emily  Miller, Ingalls, Kan., 19.858

3. Meagan  Ghormley, Bedias, Texas, 19.927

4. Kaci  Smith, Purvis, Miss., 19.989

5. Chelsey  Kleinvachter, LaCrosse, Wisc., 20.062

6. Tara  Wilkinson, Arrowwood, Alberta, Can., 20.069

7. Ceri  McCaffery, Wayne, Okla., 20.086

8. Samantha  Martinez, Bloomfield, N.M., 20.131

9. Dakota  Freeman, Klamath Falls, Ore., 20.31

10. Braelyn  Henry, Tucson, Ariz., 20.351

11. Callie  Martin, Anderson, S.C., 20.354

12. Randi  Buchanan, Sparks, Nev., 20.359

I also want to send a shout out to Honora Jackson Roe and the job she's doing down there in the barrel racing.  She's spent some time riding with me and I hope she does awesome the rest of the finals too!