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One Round to go!

Posted by walterquarterhorses on December 12, 2009 at 3:07 AM Comments comments (2)

We arrived safely home from Vegas and the NFR tonight.  It was so good to see our little girl after leaving her for the first time without Mommy or Daddy!  She was sleeping but I jumped at the chance to hold when she stirred slightly.  I couldn't help myself :)

It was a great trip.  We took in all the Cowboy Christmas' and three rodeo performances.  Nathan and I took a day to walk the strip.  That was yesterday, Thursday.  Thursday night Nathan went to a show along with my mom and another friend.  I stayed with the original plan and that was strictly RODEO.  

Brittany rebounded after her tip and won the round!  Way to go Duke.  We went to the South Point for the buckle presentations.  It was really enjoyable to see all the families behind the contestants when they were on stage to accept their buckles and discuss their performance.  Brittany brought Samantha, who rodeo'd with her all year, and Rana, who's looking after the horses, onto the stage.  I got pictures and a little video clip. 

A trip highlight for me was...

Going with Rana to take the horses to practice one morning.  I have never been behind the scenes of the NFR and really didn't know what to picture it like.  That alley is sure a long one...and then you get to the alley that leads into the arena.  You really can't see the first barrel until you pass through the gate. That was awesome.  Hopefully one day it will be a dream come true!

Thank goodness for cell phones.  We weren't able to watch tonights rodeo on tv so when my friend Holly called with results I was happy to hear Brittany placed second.  One run to go and its going to be close.  We were sending Duke good run vibes at 9:15 tonight when we were going through Browning, MT. 

Good luck to everyone tomorrow!

Happy to be home,


NFR Round 3

Posted by walterquarterhorses on December 6, 2009 at 2:18 AM Comments comments (2)

Brittany keeps doing what she does best!  Wow way to go Duke.  Another 2nd place finish for the pair tonight.  I noticed that Rana got a new coat :wink: It looks cold there but I'm sure not nearly as nasty as it is here!  We have drifts on top of drifts?!  I have the video of the first round with Brittany and Duke winning, check Rana out!

NFR Round 2

Posted by walterquarterhorses on December 5, 2009 at 7:41 PM Comments comments (0)

Brittany and Duke won 2nd in the round!  He had a funky slip around the first and that cost them some but they still clocked considering.  Wacey Hollingworth arrived last night and is now staying with Rana and keeping her company.  I hope Brittany continues to win and place in the rounds so everyone keep cheering!:D



Give Rana a wave she's in the alley

NFR Round 1

Posted by walterquarterhorses on December 4, 2009 at 1:35 AM Comments comments (1)

Way to go Brittany and Duke!  His first time down the alley at the NFR and he wins the round.  He sure did look good tonight and you know he's as solid as they come and will give her the same trip every night.  We got to see Rana in the alley.  She's helping Brittany walk down the tunnel.  She said it was cold tonight too but by the time she had ran back up the tunnel she was sweating.  Looking forward to watching tomorrow night. 


I'll post a video link as soon as they're up.

FYI of the top 5 in tonights round, 3 were at the CFR!  Awesome.  Congrats to Curtis Cassidy on winning the round as well.

I'll check in tomorrow!


Rana is Vegas Bound

Posted by walterquarterhorses on December 1, 2009 at 12:55 AM Comments comments (1)

Rana headed out today for Vegas.  She should arrive there tonight at midnight, not to sure if thats our time or Nevada's.  I know there was a delay for her so I can't wait to hear that she has arrived safely.  Parenthood has made me a worrier. 

This week Allie Lait and her lovely assistant Sheena Murphy were down and spent the day doing teeth at the barn.  You can really tell that she is passionate about her profession and I would highly recommend that you talk with her for any work that you may be needing done with your horses.  I will post pictures of the action soon.

Its been a busy week of riding for the girls.  Kareen is great to have here and Wacey is missed.  She headed back home today.  She is heading down to the finals Friday to keep Rana company. 

Hope Kareen knows we're on the jackpot trail this weekend!  Open rodeo in Cardston on Saturday night and Sunday in Magrath there is an open barrel race.  Hope to see you there!


Nov 23, 2009

Posted by walterquarterhorses on November 24, 2009 at 11:11 AM Comments comments (2)

Just a little update on whats happening.  The guys had a fun time at the Stavely Pheasant Derby.  They were located west of Stavely in the beautiful foothills.  I can only appreciate it from pictures.  Nathan came close to winning a riffle in a draw, only a few numbers off.  Other than that no prizes.

Kassie is enjoying her new horse Jake.  She got to show him off to her cousins this past Saturday.  They all came over and rode, lead and brushed him.  He is a little gem.  I am so pleased we got him.  He was so well behaved with all of the activity.


The Hollingworth's are staying here for a few days.  Its been nice to have them as guests.  Wacey is going to stay and ride while Rick and Jodi head down to Montana for the American Thanksgiving. 

Kareen Warren also just arrived.  She is going to be staying for the winter to help us ride and she'll also be doing some substitute teaching.  Looking forward to the winter months and jackpotting!

Rana is going to be heading out soon.  She's meeting Brittany in Vegas and will be looking after the horses.  There is a very busy schedule for the competitors and Rana will be incharge of feeding, exercising and general care for the crew!  Go Brittany Go!  We're cheering.  Kassie has a new spring horse, well new to her, its our old one.  He's a palomino and has been renamed Duke!

I went to a jackpot barrel race on Sunday with Pickard.  We ended up just having time only's but he ran a 14.6.  The CRA rodeo the day before was won with a 14.7.  Not bad for 3 months of barrel work.  I sure do like the little guy.  I am expecting some ups and downs but considering the rap he had he's been fantastic!  I am working on Rana to get some video's of him up.

Hope you all have a good week.  I want to wish all of our American friends a very happy thanksgiving.  I am very THANKFUL to call you my friends :wink:


CFR 2009 Final Results

Posted by walterquarterhorses on November 16, 2009 at 1:34 AM Comments comments (3)

Ladies Barrel Racing - Go 6

1 Brittany Pozzi,Victoria, TX, 14.68 $10,847.62;

2 Rayel Robinson, Alix, AB, 14.72$8,135.71;

3/4 Rana Walter, Lethbridge, AB, 14.85 $4,067.86;

3/4 LindsaySears, Nanton, AB, 14.85 $4,067.86;

Total Season Earnings

1 Gaylene Buff, Westwold, BC $67,555.57;

2 Rana Walter, Lethbridge, AB$66,627.28;

3 Brittany Pozzi, Victoria, TX $63,598.29;

4 Rayel Robinson,Alix, AB $62,428.67;

2009 Canadian Ladies Barrel Racing Champion: Gaylene Buff

2009 Canadian Finals LBR Aggregate Winner: Rana Walter

Rana went for it today.  Doc set a little harder than he should have at the first barrel but she still had a beautiful run.  I am so pumped that they went 6 rounds without tipping a barrel.  By less than a $1000 or 1/100th of a second Rana missed winning the Championship.  She is the 2009 Reserve Canadian Champion and the 2009 CFR Average Champion!  I am so proud of how well Rana did this week and all year for that matter.  She was unable to ride Doc until the end of July due to an injury he sustained at the NFR.  He was out for 8 months.  She was dealt another devastating blow when her mare Barbie broke her leg at Lea Park and had to be put down.  The pair had just won second at Brooks, AB in the pouring rain.  She didn't want to go on fearing she couldn't handle any more bad news.  She started to ride her 4 year old futurity horse Hitch.  He was all she had that was ready to go on with.  They were even able to win some money at a few rodeos.  When Doc was given the greenlight to start competeing again it was with hesitation, scared that all the time he had spent healing would be all for not.  Morris marked the return to the arena.  They placed there and continued on to place at all but three rodeos from that point on.  This effort put her into the 11th spot and the CFR.  This week Rana not only rocked but she ran the fastest time of the CFR which is also the second fastest time in the 36 year history of the CFR.  They were also the top money winners of all the events.

Rana Walter competes inthe ladies barrel racing at Rexall Place on Friday. Walter posted thesecond-fastest barrel-racing time in the history of the CFR on Saturday.Photograph by: Ed Kaiser,

Congratulations go out to Gaylene Buff and her horse Vador for their outstanding finals and for winning the Canadian Championship.  They placed in all the go rounds.  I heard it said that the barrel racing was the best event to watch at this years CFR.  This came from a contestants dad and he hated to admit it :wink:!

Today at intermission Tess Thurston, daughter of Skeeter and Linda, wowed the crowd.  I don't know how old she is but she's no bigger than a minute and she did a hipadrome stand going very fast around the arena - ALL BY HERSELF.  I had tears in my eyes and goosebumps on my arms.  It was amazing that somebody so little could do what she did!

We are home safe and sound from Edmonton and really who could ask for anymore than that.  Loved watching the rodeo and Kassie was so good for each and every performance.  She was so happy to be home tonight and have a reunion with all of her toys.  I don't know what this week will bring but I sure we'll all have something to do.  Nathan is pumped for this next weekend.  There is a pheasant hunt in Stavely.  He along with Oscar,  Logan, Rick Hollingworth, Mike Schooten and Chris (his brother) are on a team.  I hope they do well and I will report.  I am excited that Jody and Wacey will be coming along and us girls can ride while the guys hunt.

Good luck to Victoria Trautman and Keho this upcoming weekend too.  This will be their first rodeo weekend together!  Go Keho Go as Kassie puts it.

Have a good week.



Rana and Real Easy Doc win the fourth round at the CFR!

Posted by walterquarterhorses on November 15, 2009 at 2:12 AM Comments comments (3)

Today was a busy day with two performances, one in the afternoon and again in the evening.  Rana and Doc did awesome winning the fourth round with a 14.62!!  That is the fast time to date. We went for supper between the perfs to Earls.  Grady and Lisa Lockhart joined us.  Its fun to visit with friends.  They are such nice people.  Tonight Gaylene Buff was the buckle winner with a .71 and Rana and Brittany Pozzi split 2/3 with .74's.  I don't think I've witnessed barrel racing so consistantly tough at the CFR.  There are several girls with legitimate shots at the Canadian Championship. Again I hope things continue to go well for Rana and Doc.  I am so proud of her.  I forgot to mention in my earlier entries that Rana is the Cowgirl of the Year!  She has been tested to the end this year and for her to have a great week here in Edmonton makes her struggles and hard work all worth it. 





CFR Round 3

Posted by walterquarterhorses on November 14, 2009 at 1:50 AM Comments comments (0)

Friday the 13th is behind us!  Gaylene Buff put together a great run tonight to win the barrel race.  Rana and Doc continue to have a solid showing.  They were third this round.  Really good barrel race again tonight.

Day 3 Complete Results

The opening ceremonies honored the Canadian Armed Forces.  It was very touching and made me proud to be CANADIAN!  The saddle bronc and bareback riders saluted the soldiers.  Sam Kelts spoke on behalf of all the cowboys and explained what a buckle means to a cowboy and compared it to the medals that a soldier recieves.  The go round winners of the bareback and bronc riding gave their buckle to the armed forces as a thank you for our freedom. 

Well hope tomorrow is a good one!


CFR Round 2

Posted by walterquarterhorses on November 13, 2009 at 1:51 AM Comments comments (0)

Round number 2 is in the books.  Rayel Robinson was the big winner tonight.  Rana had a clean run and was 6th.  It was another exciting night of barrel racing and the times were tight.  I wanted to cheer loud for Rana but I had a tired little barrel racer on my hands.  Kassie fell asleep during the saddle bronc riding and I had to take it down a notch.  She's having a blast watching the rodeo!

Here are the highlights from the first round.  Check out Rana and Doc's performance.

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