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Posted by walterquarterhorses on July 23, 2010 at 1:02 AM Comments comments (1)

We had an awesome week in Calgary.  Rana did better than fantastic.  We are so proud of her.  She started off by winning the round on her first run and she has a nice paycheck and a really cool bronze to show for it.  Unfortunately a tipped barrel in round 2 cost her from placing again but she was able to grab some money in the last two rounds.  She was tied for 4th with Deb Renger in her pool but the tie went to her as she had posted the fastest time.  It was nice to give Doc a day off and let him rest at home.  I must say it was nice for him during the week there though.  After each performance we headed out to my grandma's ranch and Doc was able to be in a nice big outside pen.  Rana and Logan hit Nashville North one of the nights.  Eric Church was playing and he's a favorite of theirs.  Thanks Brian Mandeville for getting them in.  Kassie didn't miss a rodeo performance either.  We enjoyed the exhibits checking out all of the animals.  The chicks were the biggest hit for her.  Calgary does it up awesome for the contestants and hospitality tent was another of her favorites.  She really enjoyed eating lunch at the tent.  Back to Rana and Doc.  After a nice Saturday spent around home Sunday morning rolled around and we headed back up to the Stampede.  This trip Rana's biggest fan stayed home with her daddy.  I did get to go though!  Rana was 4th out and post a 17.38 which was a great time and I thought she had a spot secured.  Then the next three girls ran and moved her down the the 4th and final available spot.  I was so on the edge of my seat right to the last barrel racer.  My hands were shaking so bad I could hardly write down times. I wish things would have worked out a little better in the final four but none the less she won 4th at CALGARY!  Yeah Rana!

I am trying to get to jackpots on my futurity horses.  They are fixing to start back up and we want to be ready.  Fizz is running pretty nice and Diesel did fabulous last night in Raymond. I also ran Cowboy.  Its been awhile since he's been to a barrel race.  He was extremely ratey but felt great.  

Rana is headed to Morris and Kennedy.  I just finished talking with her and they have stopped driving for the night.  The mesquito's are the size of turkeys.  Happy Birthday today Rana and good luck tomorrow kiddo!

The airshow is in town this weekend.  We plan to take Kassie.  She is an airplane spotting enthusiast and we think she'll love the show.  Its going to be nice weather.

Have a great weekend!





Monsoon June...and July??

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I am not going to complain about the rain.  Thats right.  I am a farmer.  Too much rain is better than a drought.  We haven't had a hay crop like this ever!  Our crops have suffered from the excess rain but at least we got all the seed in the ground which is better than alot of western Canada.  The sunshine is going to help for sure.

Rana is up in Pool B at Calgary.  She starts this Tuesday.  We had a few fun days prior the the action with Brittany Pozzi and her boyfriend Kamry and vet Marty.  Kamry flew up here to visit and we took them to Waterton.  They canoed out on Cameron Lake...Brittany wasn't paddling much until a race was mentioned and then look out!  The canoe was so close to tipping that I'm not sure how it managed to stay upright.  Needless to say everyone was wet. 

There have been a number of jackpots scheduled to go to but the rain keeps cancelling them.  I did get to Raymond this past week.  Rana won 1 and 2 on Hitch and Reecie.  I ran Fizz for the first time in forever.  It was our first run outside too.  She made a nice smooth trip.  I am hoping that Tabers jackpot Monday is a go...rain, rain, rain.  I need work out a few things with myself.  Brittany helped me a little and I think she's totally right.  :)

Our mares are all done foaling and we have a very nice crop of babies.  Twelve in total.  That equals lots of work in a year or two. 

Here's to a HOT July and fast times in Calgary (Rana!)

Wedding Central!

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Well it has been beyond long since last updating this blog.  I figure it's high time to do so.  Speaking of to do...there is a lot on the to do list before the big I DO!!  Rana's wedding is only 10 days away.  The arena is now closed and the wedding prep begins.  She and Logan are going to be having their wedding right here on the ranch.  If this silly wind will quit the ceremony will be outside with the reception to follow inside the arena.  I am looking super forward to it.  All the decor is totally what I wish I would have had, classic.  My Aunt Trish is down for her spring break and we have totally put her to work.  She's been making center pieces and other decorations to beat the band.  Some riding has been fit into the agenda too.

Today was Kassie's very first gymnastic class.  What a whoot.  It turned out that we were the only ones, Kassie and I, in the class.  All the others are full but the time slot we registered for still needs to be filled.  I think it was probably a good thing.  She kept saying "I have a 'dea" and it wasn't always what Coach Judy had in mind.  So needless to say mommy had to intervene to make sure she was obeying.  Only one real melt down near the end.  Coach Judy thought I must have a six pack from laughing at her and what she's says :D.

We are missing Kareen and Amos.  It was a very very enjoyable winter.  Amos went back to work this week at "the pasture" and Kareen is headed to Texas to take part in the mud run.  I hope all the time she spent with her squeeze Gym pays off!

Jackpot tomorrow night in Cardston.  We'll go to it and then Medicine Hat for next Friday, April 16.  The day before Rana's wedding.  Thats as far ahead as we dare think for now.

Well my advice for this week is to not blow away!


Taber Jackpot Update

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So we had a great day in Taber!  Rana took Doc to get a run on him before Rapid City.  The set up is similar to Rapid City in that it's a smaller pen and you come in from the left side to the alley and then run.  He hadn't made any runs prior to Denver since the CFR and it will help him to get in the swing of things!  He won it.  I just can't get over how solid he has become.  Fun to watch.

Pickard did fabulous.  I felt that I rode him much better and it helped.  He was very responsive, almost to much, we got the third on the way out.  He came right back as soon as I asked and we snagged it.  I didn't take a second run on him.  He had done everything that I had asked and he needs the confidence!

Hitch clocked pretty good.  He's just not exactly putting out inbetween his barrels and it's costing him.  His little brother Diesel was awesome.  He won 3rd in the 2D...thanks Doc :wink:.  We ran a 14.9.

Henry didn't do too bad.  He isn't used to running on a smaller pattern and thinks he has a few more steps to line out for the next turn.  He was a 15.2 with tons of room to improve.  I was impressed with the amount of scoot he showed.

Another tidbit, Lynette Brodoway was 3rd in the 1D.  She was riding Caught Me Streakin.  A mare out of a Kiddin N Streakin daughter.  Nice job!

I also had an update on Micky.  Tosha Seitz won the junior's in Maiden Creek.  Her time was 2nd fastest overall!  Pretty proud of her and the way she has stepped up to ride Micky.  It was not that long ago and she was worried to go fast and now she can't get fast enough...keeps beating her mama.  Sorry Joleen, I couldn't resist.

Have a great day!


Jackpot Tomorrow!

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I was getting a little nervous today that tomorrow's barrel race would be cancelled.  The weather isn't really bad it's just that its been sooo nice that it almost seems cold tonight!  I called and its a go :D  I'll let you know how it goes.  Pick and I had a learning week.  He is a challenge and I know it.  I am learning lots and still love him.  This past weekend didn't go well and after much discussion with OW I am trying to fix me.  I have a tendancy to protect my horses from ever making a mistake.  I guess they have to make them to learn what and what not to do!  Me too!  I hope, no wait, I know things will go great tomorrow....

Rana is back home from Denver and was making it back to the short go but knew she'd get bumped out so they left.  She had a stumble at the first barrel her first run that cost her.  She ran a .6 and the second run was a .4.  Wish she wasn't coming with me to Taber.  I am glad she's home though.  It just isn't the same at the barn without her.

Kareen took off for the weekend to visit with family and friends.  I think some roping maybe involved too...she took her "cowboys" as Kassie would say.  I think Kareen missed Rana, I am just not that funny?!  We did have a good week of riding though.  Learning lots and tossing things/ideas back and forth, plus somebody has to keep an eye on Amos.  

For everyone in Canada stay warm and everyone who went to the warmth stay dry!  Like my friend Holly says "Go win thousands"!


Thought I'd share this, no real reason other than I AM.  A friend had it on her facebook.  Makes me excited for the olympics!


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2010 Rodeo Season about to start

Posted by walterquarterhorses on January 13, 2010 at 11:39 AM Comments comments (3)

Although many have been rodeoing down south this winter not much goes on here in the north country until spring arrives.  Rana had decided that it was in her and Doc's best interest not to venture south for the winter months but instead to go to a few rodeo's and come back home.  She is headed out to Denver this weekend and will run Tuesday and Wednesday of next week.  I am really excited for her.  Doc is looking awesome and feeling like he wants to explode and run some barrels! 

I just got the weekly  barrel racing report and the nominations for the 2009 barrel horses of the year are all listed.  Real Easy Doc was nominated!!  I had to do a double take when I read his name.  It's kind of cool that someone else thinks of him as much as we do!  Cast your ballot today and help him win...tell your friends too :wink: click on this link to vote BALLOT

Congratulations to Rayel Robinson as well on her horses' nomination.  Go Canadian Horses Go

This past weekend we took a trailer load to the jackpot in Taber.  Henry was in the 1D and Pickard won the 2D and Diesel was 2nd in the 2D.  Pickard bogged down at the third barrel and stepped on his bell boot.  It jerked him to a stop.  He's learning and I have to remind myself that there will be ups and downs and that he is a green horse.  I have high expectations of him and I put a bit of pressure on myself for him to preform well.  I was tickled to death with Diesel.  I took him to Cardston last weekend and again this weekend to Taber.   He was much more confident in himself at Taber.  It just goes to show you that the more you go the more they know.  Lisa got to go on her first road trip too.  I exhibitioned her after and she didn't work anywhere near her capabilities but it was her first time away from home so thats okay!  She'll be better the next time.

Victoria Trautman and her new mount Keho won 5th in the 1D.  I don't know who was more excited, her or me!  I was feeling proud of Keho.  They are a great match and I hope for continued success!

Kassie and I are off to the barn.  Have a great day!


All work and some play!

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We have been having a great time at the barn.  With Kareen and Amos and Rana and I we've have been getting a pile done.  Around 25 head of horses are being rode a day!  I have been posting video's of our horses but I'll have to start putting pictures up.  With all the riding there has to be some fun breaks so we don't get burnt out!  The massive amount of snow has provided us with some entertainment.  The Ranger works great to pull the sled, knee board and saucer.  If I have a choice its to avoid the saucer.  It will pass whatever is pulling it!  I had purchased a calf sled with intensions of pulling Kassie in it but its quite tippy in the snow and with her fear of touching snow with her boots, not a good idea.  I did however pull her around in the arena with it  :) She would rather ride with Auntie Rana and Doc though. 

This morning Nathan took Amos calling coyotes with some of his friends.  They should be back mid morning and then its back to riding.

I hope everyone survived the cold spell...a chinook has blown in here!

till next time,


It worked!

Posted by walterquarterhorses on January 5, 2010 at 10:33 PM Comments comments (0)

It worked!  I have new video's loaded and posted on the site ~ check them out

Eh O Canada Go

Waiting til next Christmas...

Posted by walterquarterhorses on January 4, 2010 at 12:39 AM Comments comments (0)

I am hoping Rana reads this and gets some of those video's downloaded for me :)!  I am not to sure about operating that silly camera and I don't want to delete anything. 

Glad Kareen is back and Amos too.  Its so nice to ride at the arena with company.  Only one was a little fresh after the Christmas break but it wasn't a problem and Amos weathered the storm.  Everything is riding nice and we are enjoying our little Arizona as my dad calls the arena in winter. 

There was an open rodeo is Cardston last night.  Rana won it on Hitch and I was happy with my horses.  It's run like a rodeo so it's an excellent experience for young horses.  One run only with no time only's.  Nothing like cracking one out.  Diesel did really well considering it was his first ever competition run.  I haven't even time only'd him yet.  Love him.  Victoria did great on Keho too.

2010 is looking great so far and I'll keep in touch.  Jackpot this weekend in Taber so maybe we'll see you there!


Getting ready for 2010!

Posted by walterquarterhorses on December 30, 2009 at 11:06 PM Comments comments (1)

It sure has been awhile since we've updated the blog!  We had a wonderful Christmas celebrated with family and friends.  Kassie was spoiled rotten and is now ready to ride with her brand new saddle.  She rides Doc and when asked to come down she says "No thank you".  

The barn is full of youngsters.  It has been great having Kareen here and new to the crew is Amos Abrahamson.  He came for a few days before Christmas to test it out and will be back on the 2nd.  We have some to start and my dad is getting to the age where its not necessary for him to be doing that! Sshhhh

Rana and I both have some nice prospects for this next futurity year.  I actually video'd some of them today so that I could post their progress.  I have Hitch's little brother Diesel...he's actually bigger than Hitch!  He definitely doesn't look like a 3 coming 4 year old.  He feels awesome and strong but light mouthed.  I also have another cutie we call Lisa.  She is super fun and little compared to Diesel.  She is out of Generals De De and by Kiddin N Streakin "Generally Streaking".  She feels very cowy and easy to handle. Rana has Sweetness looking really good and Flint too.  Flint is out of Docs Baby Sue and by Kiddin N Streakin. 

There are more to talk about but I'll save them for another time.  If I can get these video's loaded you can have a sneak preview of Super Sue and Floozy.  Super Sue is Doc's only full sibling and Floozy is my past futurity horse Flair's (Streaky Girl) baby.  

Besides the barn activity...Logan has cleared a great ice rink off for all of us to use.  He even put the pads on so that my little nephews could take shots!  Nathan is busy keeping everything fed and thawed.  I guess when you are an Edwards you must take on all responsiblity of the Edwards waterers!  Which are working just fine minus a few freezes thanks to a blown breaker.

I hope you have a great new year and that 2010 is the year for you!


There's certain people that have

a love for the land.

And to other people, it's just dirt.

But that love of the land,

and love of a horse,

I think it's inborn

This was Rana's Christmas present to our dad!